Re: Gravity Field?????? or Fields

Posted by Dogrock on Apr 17, 2002 at 18:08

Re: Gravity Field?????? or Fields (son of spam)

It's easier to see it from the moon and earth prospective. The moon is falling towards the earth by 1/20 of an inch per second, instead of going in a straight line past the earth it turns in by 1.20 of an inch per second. This is what is meant by falling in a gravity field. This 1/20 of an inch is exactly what is expected because apples fall at 16 feet per second on the earth's surface and if it was removed as far as the moon it would fall at 1/20 of an inch per second because the pull of gravity falls off by that much. Other theories about the warping of space time have not been proved as far as I know.

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