DAM is getting back in form....

Posted by Sparrow on Apr 17, 2002 at 09:56

Re: You dolt. (Bobbapink)

I haven't seen this quality of bobbing and weaving from the Straw Man in months!

...still not up to his best of about two years ago...I thought he was slipping of late -- but this shows there's hope yet.

Sip the Perrier, lean back in one's $800 executive chair, browse the net and ignore the reality, wrapping oneself up in the banner bearing the slogan of "DATA, YOU DOLT!" -- then decry the response as not being Level I Evidence. It's a passable routine....

[As far as the data issue is concerned, as a friend from our study group says: "It'll BURN!"]

No, I'm not being anti-Scientific, I'm trying to communicate "anti-apathy".

Carry on....

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