Gravity Field?????? or Fields

Posted by son of spam on Apr 17, 2002 at 06:50

have heard this term a lot recently, what is one of these, what flavours do they come in.

if the earth is falling in a gravity field, where is it falling to, or for that matter, what is it falling towards, (was told attraction of mass was cause of gravity).

if earth is falling in a gravity field i would assume that the other bodies which surround it are also falling in a gravity field, if so, what is it that has a mass huge enough to attract (through gravity) all of these bodies.

or is it a case of one body (say our sun)being attracted by an object of mass, and then the bodies surrounding that body (eg earth) being pulled along for the ride, and so on, a sort of chain effect. (if so where and how did the chain start).

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