Re: Spam is Legal in Europe---Now see who sends it

Posted by bobbapink on Apr 16, 2002 at 17:29

Re: Spam is Legal in Europe---Now see who sends it (Mike Kremer)

I like that site - thanks - but i think encouraging them to stop hosting spam is a fruitless. They do so because the market exists and a profit is to be made. That's reality.

Is spam a problem? Well, i certainly am sick of it. I must get thirty spams a day to my hotmail address (not many to my main address as i don't publish that often).

So, what's a surfer to do.

The internet e-mail tax was said by some to be one solution - but unless it was global, i don't think it would work and i'm skeptical of any tax on anything induced purely as an attempt to discourage use.

Filters are a fairly good idea but only for private mail. Hotmail (and other) services place a limit on the number of addresses you can effectively block.

I've heard some suggest spamming the spammer but that doesn't really work either as the return address is usually just a dump box.

OK - i'm out of ideas. All that's left is to turn off the internet.

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