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Posted by bobbapink on Apr 16, 2002 at 14:03

Re: Nothing to worry about ... it isn't real (DA Morgan)

Scientists say more than 40 Himalayan
lakes could soon overflow, imperilling
tens of thousands of people.

That's probably true. These folk are pretty poor and can't afford bus fare. Their corns prevent them from walking and somebody lost the bicycle pump.

They say the lakes are filling up
because rising temperatures are melting
the surrounding glaciers and snowfields
that feed them.

That's also probably true. Generally happens about this time of year I bet. I wonder if a colder and snowier than average last couple of years added significantly to the snow fields. Look into to that for me Dan, would ya?

Regional air temperatures are 1C
higher than they were in the 1970s.

One wonders just how "regional" a "region" they are talking about. This source seems to indicate, in a very objective kinda way, that overall, the "regional" temperatures have remained pretty much stable since at least 1979's. And prior to the 1979 the only data they have for that region is tree ring proxy data. Here's a graph of the September-October-November temps:

Reconstructed S-O-N temperatures in Kalingchok, Nepal, 1729-1978

So if this source is reasonable accurate, I must conclude that the temperature suddenly snuck up one degree in December of 1978 when nobody was looking. Sneaky that “regional” temperature is, pure sneaky.

But you're right - it is quite innocuous - at least in the real sense.

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