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Posted by Dogrock on Apr 15, 2002 at 16:00

Re: Gravity & Mass (spamdabidosi)

This is the mystery of gravity that scientist are trying to solve. Some are looking for a new particle that would explain how planets interact, however this particle would have to move at almost instant speed or be everywhere. However I think the particle would be as mysterious as the original mystery of how planets know the weight of each other instantly. I suggested by adding material we don't get planets to move closer, so the pull may not reside in the material. However if we slowed the moon down it would immediately come nearer to the earth. I am making this suggestion: Do planets slow each other down when they get near and cause the orbits. A candidate for slowing each other down would be light. The sun is different from all other planets in two way, one its the heaviest, the most material, but the other it radiates the most light.

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