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Posted by anyman on Apr 15, 2002 at 05:49

Re: Changed? (Sparrow)

the book is not only about the is for all

the portion of it that records their history (genesis 12 - malachi 4 and then again matthew 1 - through at least the early part of acts and in some sense beyond, to include portions of other books that record specific events in individual hebrew/jewish lives) is recorded for the benefit of that we might all better know who he is and how he intervenes in human affairs...his goodness and his severity

i think that dogrock's reference to change was more along the lines of how the writings have changed over the years (the commonly alleged, though misperceived and misunderstood, concept that what we have now do not resemble the originals...even if one were to believe that the originals were divinely inspired...which most that maintain this position would have a problem with anyway...most just think these are a bunch of writings by men to keep other men under and subject to their influence...that they have little or at least relatively little basis in reality...that they are intended to play on the fears of the *ignorant* masses...that they provide answers from ignorance and especially scientific ignorance)

like dano in another post, he feels that what we have now is corrupt and cannot be trusted to be a pattern and guide for truth, reality, what we should believe about origins science, and how we should live our lives, etc

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