Re: Gee, anyman.....CANSWN (contains absolutely no science whatsoever notwithstanding)

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Andy™ on Apr 14, 2002 at 14:04

Re: Gee, anyman.....CALBOS (Contains a little bit of science) (Sparrow)

I finally understand the problem inherent in the Theistic Evolution postulation.

If one considers the entire bible to be god-given and all, at least old testament books, to be interpreted literally then yes, there are significant problems for theistic evolution from that view.

As for Election... I think a being outside of time would know who was coming and who wasn't. It's not really a selection per se, simply the way things flow.

Also, I've determined that the interpretation of "the wages of sin is death" that makes the most sense is a spiritual death, simply because it is impossible for there have been no physical death of any kind ever in human history.

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