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Posted by Son of Spam on Apr 12, 2002 at 09:55

Re: Hmmmm, SOS: (Sparrow)

i do not regard myself as a deeply religeous being, but i have the sense to hedge my bets, if anything i have more faith in a creator, than i do in those who may have been created by him/her/it.

i am simply using the same logic to prove that a creator exists, that some would use to prove that science exists. it is some times difficult to comprehend why some scientists automatically regard the logic for proving that science exists as being superior to the logic used for proving a creator exists. indeed the phrase 'aw not philosophically musing again are you' is often used to imply that somebody is not being logical. i dispute this, and would say that philosophy is the highest form of logic, and without it science as we know it today would not exist. Some scientists ask why something happens, some ask why/how/if they ask.

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