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Re: No Angels - Just God (Dogrock)

your point is well taken...and the final line of john's response is part of the answer


remember that those who persecuted galileo were catholics...not christians

further...the rest of the story...again (sigh)

galileo had ideas...he even had right ideas...but his colleagues and the academic community of his time were still teaching preaching their aristotelean jazz...if galileo was right, then they were not nearly so learned as they had come to be considered by generations of students and an admiring public

in other words, their "intellectual" standing was under assault...not to mention that they were finally going to have to revise those decades old lecture notes that they had been using...which they had in turn taken from centuries old lecture notes of those that had gone before them


they began a whisper campain to have galileo discredited before he wound up discrediting them...

even though many of them had little use for the so-called "church" they were not above using it to their advantage...and so they did

they began to tell of galileo's "evil" ideas to those in high places with low knowledge

predictably...they responded by censoring "evil"


yes, the catholic church did do those things to galileo and others...


neither the roman catholic church nor the eastern orthodox church nor the protestant churches are christian

christians are far from perfect and there is plenty to be lain at our feet without adding the deeds of others

all of humanity is corrupt (with the exception of the new born infant...but he'll be corrupt soon enough)...christians are no less human or subjective or imperfect than any other humans

and finally, it was at the instigation of galileo's contemporary scholars, professors, scientists, et al...that the roman catholic church undertook to censor him, imprison him, and even threaten him with death

none of which makes the roman catholic church any less guilty of dirty deeds done dirt cheap or any less guilty of many other false teachings

hope that helps :-)

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