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Re: No Angels - Just science (KB)

It is yet to be shown that any god or Supreme Being exists, other than in the hopeful imaginations of the easily mislead and people who were indoctrinated at a very young age and never recovered

i will confess to being easily misled...for most of my life i was taught (at home, in school, and via all forms of media, including the high and holy journals of science) that the darwinian philosophy was an indisputable fact...

that cosmological and biological evolution were well established realities...

fortunately, and most thankfully, i "recovered" from my early and formative teaching...

i was a devout evolutionist and an avowed atheist

now, i think for myself...not without help...but i try to examine as much of the stuff that i hear or see as i can

i spend as much time as i can examining all sides of the issue...

my reading and study are reasonably is my personal library

i am now more skeptical of any claim from any camp...until i have opportunity to consider it

i did not come to my present position until i was well into my 30's...i held a position that would likely approximate yours throughout my younger years (that is not to say that i am old...i am still young, just not as young as i was...i will probably die, but i will never grow old :-)

probably die?...yes probably...but...(1 corinthians 15.51ff; 1 thessalonians 4.17; 2 thessalonians 1.7; et al)...nobody, NOBODY but god knows when all of that will happen...but i am looking forward to the day...dead or alive... whenever it comes

anyway, you are welcome to propagate the myth of your statement above if you like...but it's a myth...and i'll be there as often as i am able to offer an alternative view :-)

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