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Posted by anyman on Apr 10, 2002 at 23:48

Re: el nino cometh... (Mike Kremer)

I mean how can a religion believe thge world was created 6000 years ago...when its obvious this world has been around for millions of years?


it is obvious to me that it has not

i believe the evidence ( and we have the same evidence) is better understood in light of a "young" earth

6000 years is not "young" is not a short span of time

the only time that one can call so many years "young" or "short" is when they hold it up relative to the prevailing philosophy of millions and billions of years

we often refer to "the ancients" that's term that suggests old

we talk about "olden times"

we say, "a long time ago, they..."

believe me when i say that there are few things that i might enjoy more than returning to the golf course and my former life in general...i liked the way i lived

if this earth or anything else is millions or billions of years old, then god is a liar

if god is a liar, then he is no god

if there is no god, there is no point in me changing my life

and i will gladly return to the one i enjoyed so much...if you can show me how your interpretation of the evidence is superior to mine

until then...aqui me quiedo :-)

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