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Posted by Sparrow on Apr 10, 2002 at 13:11

Re: No Angels - Just science (Son of Spam) I hear you right? Our very existance is proof of a Creator? I agree with you, but could you elaborate your reasoning?

As I was driving home a bit ago, looking at the early flowering of the lacy crabapple and other fruit trees in the woods (GORGEOUS!) I was struck at how incongruous their very existance is with the terrors and dynamics of the (scientifically) visible Cosmos. Then a large, chrome-bodied milk truck interrupted my view briefly, and I thought of the energy, the plans and designing that went into it - how it, too, differed so radically from what little part of the universe we can observe.

Chance. All of it's Big-Bang chance.....yeah.

I'm not sure that your proof-test prooves what I think that you want, but I would suggest that just as in the philosophical gauntlet thrown down by KB, any proof of the validity of science will always remain arguable by those wishing to invalidate it. KB will have a tough go if (s)he decides to pick up your gauntlet. Proofs must always be embraced, not just mathemathically supported. An example is the success rates of D&A programs: there is a program that was govermentally proven to have an 86% success rate over 5 years, vs. the federal progams that have a comparable rate of ~3%!!! The government is chary to embrace the method, of course -- and why? -- it's the Teen Challenge program that is the successful one -- and it's Christ-based. Isn't that reassuring to you as a taxpayer? The goverment wastes 97 cents out of every rehabilitation dollar because they won't face SCIENTIFIC PROOF.

Judeo-Christian teachings are not the essence of religion, anyway. NO other belief has a God come to Mankind to redeem them to Himself -- one must always redeem himself to his God, in the others.

We must want to believe, WANT to embrace our God -- and don't we all do that, anyway?


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