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mara on Jan 09, 2002 at 16:07

Re: On institutions (Amaranth Rose)

i am not familiar with the 'Gameplayers..."
but i agree with you that 'the nuclear family' is not the way many humans reside.

the American Indians lived in long houses with many families in one building, and many other groups have ways of residing that do not encompass just mom, dad, and the 2 and 1/2 kiddies.

here in Philly, i worked with a woman who lives with her husband's parents, and many, many sons and daughters live on the same block as their parents.

one woman who used to be my neighbor wanted to have her parents live with them. there were zoning restrictions that she went around by having a 'kitchen' for them in her house. this was not allowed by zoning laws and so she had a 'wet bar' put in, got a small fridge, a microwave, some hot plates, and voila ! her parents used it as a kitchen which was a zoning no-no.

one of my grade school friends had her unmarried aunt living with mom, dad, and the nine children.

in my own 'mother's' family, they 'took in' a girl whose parents had died.

many people seem to want to reside in an envoirmnent that is not what is defined as 'nuclear.'

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