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DA Morgan on Apr 09, 2002 at 15:38

Re: Seems pretty clear (bobbapink)

100% safety margins only exist in fantasies. I am looking for something substantially better than what exists. I got a really good taste of what passes for quality at nuclear facilities one time when I got lost on the Hanford Reservation here in Washington. The fact that I wasn't escorted out at gun point was nothing short of a cruel joke on the American public.

The reason for the subsidy has nothing to do with restrictions. We restrict the makers of organophosphate insecticides and don't subsidize them. We restrict the pharmaceutical industry and don't subsidize them. We restrict the fishing industry and don't subsidize them. They are just a bunch of whiners. Who, if they did a decent job, wouldn't need 1/10th the control that are placed on them.

But please don't forget that their entire industry has been subsidized from its inception. There was never a point where it was otherwise.

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