el nino cometh...

Posted by anyman on Apr 09, 2002 at 15:08

Re: Prof: Steven Jay Gould, lambasts Creationists (Mike Kremer)

thanx for the link, mike

i will order my copy...

gould is also professor of geology at harvard

gould and dawkins are the two premiere defenders of darwin in the world today

i own most if not all of the books that each has written and have read most if not all of the articles each has written with regard to evolutionary philosophy

get ready for the mother of all el ninos with this latest release...the hot air will likely be blowing at gale force...if his past writings are indicative of what is to come :-)

let's all say it together now...evolution is a fact...evolution is a fact...evolution is a fact...(clicks heels three times)...i wanna go home...i wanna go home...

if they say it often enough and loud enough and in enough places, many will believe...the myth of darwinian evolution

call it tautology...call it propaganda...call it whatever you like...

but it ain't no part of fact :-)

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