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mara on Apr 09, 2002 at 14:26

Re: They have handles (Amaranth Rose)

here in Philadelphia, a recycling program just started. (yeah, just now).

to recycle newspapers, one must put them in a brown bag, or tie them with string.

except, here in Philly, one doesn't get brown bags with one's groceries. i even asked for some.

i went to the State Representative's office and asked for some brown bags, which they used to have for recycling. but, they don't have them anymore.

question is: where can i get brown bags in Philly so that i can recycle if they are not available in the grocery stores where i go or at the State Representatives office ?

p.s.: even tho Philly is about ten years behind other cities in initiating a recycling program with the trash collection, i have been told that if you don't follow the rules exactly you're gonna get fined !

i guess this falls under the rubric of ecology or geology or some such science.

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