Re: Does Energy Matter: A Partial Answer

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Apr 09, 2002 at 11:48

Re: Does Energy Matter: A Partial Answer (Bill Wallace)

Please look at the post I to which I responded again. On careful inspection I believe you will find six numbered questions, one of which concerned the conversion of energy to matter, and one of which concerned the conversion of matter to energy. If you examine the numbered questions, and my answer, I think you will find that I answered, and accurately, only that of which I had accurate and certain knowledge.

*Sigh* What have I done to become such a target, that anything I say is immediately and vociferously labeled "wrong" and prosecuted so vigorously? Is it merely the fact that I fall into neither the creationist nor the evolutionist camp, that I must immediately and wrongly be accused of error upon no provocation other than to have made a posting? Such a savage, malignant and intolerant place this has become. Such instantaneous, knee-jerk reactions remind me of a pogrom or an Inquisition moreso than a free and open forum. I had expected better than that from the quarter of the group that in general prides itself on fairness and the tradition of turning the other cheek. I guess that tells me where not to look for objectivity.

Bill, I really had thought you were above this sort of thing. You're about the last person I would have expected to blindly lash out at me. It truly saddens me. What did I ever do to you to make you want to hurt me so much? I guess you're not the decent, upstanding man I thought you were. I shall grieve my loss in private. I consider it a grievous loss.

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