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Posted by Amaranth Rose on Apr 08, 2002 at 18:16

Re: It uh... (Andy™)

"the title my age brings. "


"Now, maybe it's not a "catch phrase" but it does get Daniel quite a fan following. I've even started reading up on it myself, although I'm not a groupie yet. "

You consider me a groupie? You think I'm that shallow and hyperhormonal? "Groupie" is a real slam in my circles, as is "fan". A "fan" is an implement for moving air around, and stirring up froth. I'm not some blasted implement. I don't call other people a turkey baster, do I?

"if you're so sensitive that such humor bothers you, if you ask someone to stop, seriously, they will. "

Excuse me. I think we must be talking about two different universes here. If you really think anyone on this board would stop harassing me bacause I asked them to stop, I think you are on some serious non-medicamentous substance. I'd have better luck spitting in the face of a hurricane and asking it not to blow back on me. And I've been in the edge of a hurricane.

"If you ARE dealing with an immature highschooler,"

Not exactly an endangered species, from what I understand. Nor does maturity necessarily accrete with age and or educational level.

But you're right. It would be nice if Dale would pass kindergarten some day.

Suicide. Most of it stems from misery. Either physical or mental, often a combination of both. You don't know how much a person has of either when they come to this board. If you walked in their shoes a while, you might be qualified to say how far or how close they are. If you never cross my threshhold, don't presume to judge my existence. Death by whatever means might smell as sweet, if your feet were in my shoes.

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