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mara on Jan 09, 2002 at 14:32

Re: Request For A Scientific Inquiry (Amaranth Rose)

i don't think it is that the smart ones stay out, i think it is that some people are discouraged from entering.

i have been reading some biographies, both book length and anthology type articles about women scientists. there really are quite a few that one doesn't usually hear about.

the women scientists that i know the most about are Barbara McClintock, Marie Curie, Mary Leaky, and Margaret Mead. Dorothy Mary Crowfoot Hodgkins is another, as is Gerty Cori. but there are more.

One of the women tenured professors at the University of Pennsylvania told me that only 7% of the tenured professors of science at Penn were women.

when i go to science talks at that university, other universities, and other science institutes usually only one or two out of about 20 speakers are women.

if anybody has Natalie's e-mail address, maybe we could write and tell her we miss her posts here at SAGO.

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