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DA Morgan on Apr 08, 2002 at 16:12

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The point?

The point of a real diety ... if one accepts as the definition of the creator of the universe ... an all knowing ... etc. is that the entity not stoop to the level of human vice, human ignorance, human behaviors, in short the diety of your book is an anthropomorphic child with a soiled diaper acting out.

An entity possessing the power to create an infinite universe containing 11 or so dimensions, quarks, relativity, string theory, quantum mechanics, and fractal multidimensional mathematics beyond the comprehension of even the likes of Einstein and Feynmann and Hawking would have created the universe in the manner posited by science ... not Genesis. Would have created life-forms in the manner posited by Darwinian evolution ... not Genesis. And would be incapable of anthropomorphic nonsense like "thinking", "deciding", and "vengence".

Figure it out. Assume that your diety did write your book. At best it is prima facia evidence that he can't out-think Marsha Clark. Even the simplest feat such as making sure that as it was translated from language to language accurately hasn't been done. How large a miracle does it take after you've created the entire universe to assure that your sacred words are translated accurately? Even a lowly copyright lawyer can figure that one out.

You are correct. I am a believer. But I am not a believer in your vision of a genocidal sadist who has inflicted untold pain and suffering on the innocent without even so much as a single successful result to show for it.

Wake up and smell the stench.

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