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DA Morgan on Apr 08, 2002 at 13:41

Re: okay... (anyman)

The great physician can to go hell. Well why not? He created that too according to you.

He's pretty good at drowning the innocent (how many new-born infants died in the flood)? Or was the infaliable just covering up a mistake? He is pretty good at cold-blooded murder (killing the first born). And he's got an unbeatable record for causing pain and suffering ... what with proudly proclaiming himself the creator of childhood leukemia, diabetes, TB, malaria, rabies, food poisoning, etc.

I can't imagine giving homage to the universe's greatest mass murderer and sadist. Let him stand on the dock in front of the War Crimes tribunal in the Hauge and defend himself. If he dares to show his face.

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