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Posted by y on Apr 08, 2002 at 10:31

Re: harsh critisism required (Mike Kremer)

the actual suspension would be along the following lines.

a string attached (by glue of some sort) to the upper inner center of the sphere shell, would be attached to the radio active material. when a particle hit the attachment spot it would penetrate the glue so the gluing point would not negate a certain set of co-ordinates being used.

the co-ordinates would be produced when a decaying particle hit the inside of the sphere,

for example, when we stand at any point on a sphere (ie the earth (I the earth is a geoid)) we have 2 co-ordinates, latitude and longutude. so the same would be the case on the interior of the sphere.

as far as i am aware radioactivity has 2 random qualities

1) you can never know WHEN the next particle will decay

2) and you can never know WHERE or IN WHICH DIRECTION a decaying particle will escape.
this is the principle dictating the randomness of the co-ordinates

I am not sure what you mean by

A\Due to the suspension-there is no guarantee that radio activety would 'light up' the inside of the Sphere evenly.
(please clarify).

i do agree that evenness would be impossible to achieve, however, would eveness matter in the production of random numbers. ie is not that uneveness a randomness in itself.(or am i just being silly)

i can understand what you mean in reference to the timeing device, so i will have to consider my proposed device further. (maybe measurement could take place at intervals which could be randomly selected by reference to the coordinates produced by a second similar device).


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