Re: harsh critisism required

Posted by Mike Kremer on Apr 08, 2002 at 09:42

Re: harsh critisism required (y)

My critisism would be:-
A\Due to the suspension-there is no guarantee that radio activety would 'light up' the inside of the Sphere evenly.
B\Due to the 'half life' of the substance, timings
between seperate radio-active particles would not be that great. (consider how many decimal places
you would need to give a time difference and the difficulty of that time measurement.) Have you heard of Atomic clocks?
C\Your co-ordinates? based upon what?. The angle between x and y particles from the centre of the sphere? Or the triangle that particles x, y and z
trace out on the inside of the sphere?

Either way, I think by multiplying your two quantitys together, would not give out a set of genuine random numbers, in th#e long run.
Since the timings and co-ordinates/angles would not be that random in themselves.
But I give you top marks for your thinking, It so
happens that the production of truly random number
s as against pseudo random is extremely difficult

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