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Andy™ on Apr 07, 2002 at 16:12

Re: It uh... (Amaranth Rose)

Do not call me a boy, Rose.
I've worked very hard to get where I am and I deserve the title my age brings. Whether you said it directly to me or not, the insinuation is so obvious it could buy me dinner.
Also, the line calabi yau is dano and amaranth's favorite catch phrase...the mere mention of it apparently invokes all manner of devotion, is not an attack of any kind. Just look at it. It's an observation. Now, maybe it's not a "catch phrase" but it does get Daniel quite a fan following. I've even started reading up on it myself, although I'm not a groupie yet.
Speaking as a person who attempted suicide once (couldn't even get that right =D I felt like a moron, that didn't help), I know exactly how close to death a person can be. I also know that being so sensitive that you CONSIDER (or attempt) suicide due to ribbing from others and personal pain is foolish, I learned that by experience. Fortunately, at that point in life I was such a failure success in anything, even suicide, didn't come. :)

Also, unless you're dealing with a highschool child, if you're so sensitive that such humor bothers you, if you ask someone to stop, seriously, they will. If you ARE dealing with an immature highschooler, their opinions aren't exactly worth their weight in... aluminum foil.

I'd wager very few of the suicides that take place are the result of being made fun of. Those that do kill themselves over that sort of thing, are nearly all children. There are few, if any, children here. Those that are, I haven't seen take any ribbing.

In my experience, the most important part of dealing with adversity is getting over it. Some of us have even managed to start laughing at it, even though some think we're strange for that.

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