Re: Cloned Pregnancy, Prompts Outrage

Posted by anyman on Apr 07, 2002 at 04:01

Re: Cloned Pregnancy, Prompts Outrage (Mike Kremer)

yeah...sad stuff

The odds on improvement are nil.
The odds for future problems are v high

you right...

i regularly clone promoters (relevant to pcr and rt-pcr) in hope of medical applications later (immunological, virological, bacteriological, pharmaceutical, etc)

i do not condone the cloning of live humans...but i do follow the developments with interest and probably sadness all the same

i may be inconsistent in my thinking...i try to review regularly and anticipate implications...we shall see...i may have to rethink...i may even have to withdraw

right now...i go with the rational that there may be life saving benefits

i do not believe that human embryological stem cells should be used (especially those of murdered (aborted) children...there are very likely other sources of human stem cells for research that a) may be better and b) eliminate the ethical dilemma

we shall see

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