Posted by anyman on Apr 06, 2002 at 20:30

Re: Now, now, Daniel (DA Morgan)

the choice is yours

nothing wrong with going to the physician...we were made with brains and these guys have special training to deal with the body...

however, you ignore the great physician at your peril

more interesting to me is that...

since you reject the god of the book...and you reject the book (which is the sole source of the true christian philosophy...how is it that you claim to be a christian...what do you believe

you have told us before that you believe in god...but the god you believe in is not a personal intervening god

if whatever it is that you believe in does nothing...can do nothing...then what's the point...

the word christian means one who follows the christ (or at least tries)...but you seem to reject him and his teaching

you are welcome to take this one to email, if you prefer...i would just really like to know how any of this can be reconciled

help me out

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