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Amaranth Rose on Apr 05, 2002 at 18:37

Re: Plastic bags, a beautiful thing universally (Dogrock)

You must be getting better plastic bags than we do. Ours are cheap, slithery, slippery things made with cornstarch and soy oil and designed to disintegrate when exposed to UV light--which seems to sometimes take place inside the grocery store, before the bags are ever filled with groceries, judging by the failure rate. And woe betide you if you let one slither to the ground unnoticed! Steppping on them is sometimes good for a concussion for the unlucky. They're good for next to nothing, in my opinion; they don't stand up in the corner for paperwad basketball goals, you can't write or draw on them, they're no good for papier mache, and you can't use them to block drafts or sop up spills, like you can the paper ones.

But I know some people like them. I'm open to information as to why. :-)

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