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Posted by Mike Kremer on Apr 05, 2002 at 14:29

Re: into computers or random number theory (please read this) (y)

As Dale states radioactive decay used in conjunction with an electronic circuits can be used, (by Governments?) I am not aware of anyone that uses this on a regular basis.
Random numbers are almost always produced by back
biased transistor circuits, fabricated to produce lots of noise, which is then filtered and shaped.
Also special neon/gas filled valves that count the electronic 'noise' are often used. That is the way the British 'Ernie' (Electronic Random Number ? ?) machine, prints out the hundreds of thousands of 15 digit numbers every week, for the public who buy these bonds that go into a weekly lifetime draw (Premium Bonds).
If you want random numbers without the problem of
using seeds.....your best bet is to take a batch of numbers from somewhere within the millions of numbers that go to make up Pi.
Pi has been proven to stand up to all the tests for randomness that have been thrown at it. Unlike other sets of long numbers such as Prime numbers which do not.
So if you want a hundred numbers or a thousand, grab a handfull from Pi, which you should find somewhere printed out on the Net up to at least
25000. (I think they have computed a couple of million of them or more)
I have a printout of the 65087 digits of a previous prime number, then a world record in 1989 (computed by the Amdahl Corp: of California
which i can sent to you (when i find it) but its not supposed to pass all primality catagories.

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