whaaaat?!?...what center?

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anyman on Apr 05, 2002 at 01:58

Everything is relative. For example, we can look at the background radiation of the universe which is a result of the big bang and see it is different in different directions. From this we can deduce that we are moving at a very high speed with respect to the center of the universe. http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap990627.html Someone at the center of the universe would see us as being...

since when does any cosmological evolutionary version of the big bang/inflationary, etc paradigm posit a center of the universe

most donít know...and many who do often forget (as evidenced by daleís post)...that according to the big bang (and itís various evolutionary versions) model, there is NO center, NO edge, and NO boundary to the universe

see last paragraph
what center?


as additional commentary (if you would like to comment on the commentary below, fine...but donít forget that it is not the main point of this post...the main point is the subject of the center of the universe as mentioned in daleís post re dogrock above)

i do not agree with the concept...i suggest that the universe has a center (and a boundary...i am less sure about an edge)...i think that in physical terms, the earth will ultimately be found to be very near the center of the universe

in spiritual terms, i think it will be found to be the absolute center of the universe

in terms of life, I think it will be found to be the absolute center of the universe

humanity is the focus of godís creation...i predict that intelligent life will never be found elsewhere (and NO that does not mean that we should quit trying)

humanity is the reason for the universe and everything that exists within the earthís biosphere...they are all there as part of the program to make our physical existence possible and as part of the maintenance plan toward our continued existence

we are the reason for the season :-)

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