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Posted by anyman on Apr 04, 2002 at 22:44

Re: Now, now, Daniel (DA Morgan)

actually those laws were implemented ~3500 years ago

have you forgotten that israel was called to be separate...that they were to do things differently from those around them...that they were to eat differently, dress differently, think differently, behave differently, do business differently, worship differently, etc, etc, that their distinctiveness as the chosen people of god (then...not in the same sense now) would be preserved...not that they were "chosen" because they were in any way better than other people (just read their history)...but rather so that the world could once again learn to recognize the one true god through his work among that people as recorded historically
~2000 years ago, that law (those laws, the compendium of mosaic law) was nailed to the cross (colossians 2.14) and replaced with the law of christ...and the law against eating pork was very pointedly replaced with the following: contained all kinds of four-footed animals, as well as reptiles of the earth and birds of the air...then a voice told him, "get up peter, kill and eat"..."surely not, lord!" peter replied, "i have never eaten anything impure or unclean" [note his pretentious self-righteousness...this being the selfsame fella that thrice denied and even cursed the lord when he was earlier arrested...the same guy who later refuse to eat with the gentiles when the jews came visiting]...the voice spoke to him a second time, "do not call anything impure that god has made clean"...this happened three times... (acts 10.12-16)

the dietary and sanitary laws were good science

so you see, dano...there are not only alternatives to the narrow nonsense that you proposed above, but there are real explanations

now tell us again about all of those good bible classes and comparative religion classes that you took

does your "pastor" and your good jewish pals agree with you on this too

your most obvious gaff here was to suggest that the laws were imposed ~2000 years ago when they were in fact rescinded then

god knows about bacteria...and he knows about you

he won't judge the bacteria...but he and only he will judge you and me

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