Re: into computers or random number theory (please read this)

Posted by Ham on Apr 04, 2002 at 14:17

Re: into computers or random number theory (please read this) (anyman)

It's all so really is. Spontaneity has no self-willed purpose to "act" spontaneously. It HAS BEEN purposed. By the way, for those who don't know.....we didn't evolve, we were CREATED male and female, spiritually and physically.....oh yeah!

Oh yeah Anyman, about that information; did you know that there are tribal people in Africa who have accurately illustrated the positions of black holes, pulsars, planets, stars, etc. Common sense dictates that centuries of old "wise men" sitting and looking up into the heavens HAS to have been good for something, and man! Understanding the human body, dealing with dinosaurs, astronomical knowledge, etc., etc. There are other ways of understanding and learning about this universe than what we have been too arrogant to believe here in the "modern" west. We're so stupid sometimes. There IS a law of relativity, and everything in this physical universe DOES physically relate to EVERYTHING else. OUR MODERN SCIENTIFIC PROBLEM is that we simply refuse to acknowledge the spiritual realm!

"...people perish for lack of knowledge because they have rejected knowledge..."

"they will turn their ears from the truth, and heap to themselves teachers...having itching ears."

.....and so they have.

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