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Posted by Amaranth Rose on Apr 04, 2002 at 13:25

Re: safeguard (anyman)

And why is it I can't even say a few words without being landed upon like some errant idiot child?

Whassamatta, did your toes get stepped on? Did your position as official meeter and greeter get usurped, and by a woman at that?

When I see Kate & co. turn over ownership of this board to you and your fundy friends, I'l begone. Until then, I have just as much right to post here as you do, and you can take your hypercritical misogynistic sarcasm and place it in a warm dark place and wedge it sideways. You and your friends may see me as an amusing trinket to laugh at and make fun of; the more your loss. I do as I please and post where I will and you ca't do anything about that yet. Too bad, so sad. I know the measure of my worth. At least I don't specialize in perpetuating the darkness of the third world with my zealotry.

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