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Posted by anyman on Apr 04, 2002 at 06:32

Re: Now, now, Daniel (Sparrow)

but i might take issue with the following comment...depending on what you meant by "relatively"

how would you propose to convince a relatively ignorant clot of primitives

the peoples of antiquity were apparently very intelligent and far more technologically advanced than they are commonly given credit for...

brain surgery (thousands of years ago)

dentistry (thousands of years ago)

electric batteries (probably used in medical procedures, maybe even surgery...and if there are more powerful ones that we haven't yet found maybe metallurgicl applications) (thousands of years ago

architectural feats that we have yet to duplicate or even understand how they accomplished (thousands of years ago)

a "conjugating wheel" found in a schoolhouse (thousands of years ago)...these kids were learning how to conjugate verbs in THREE different languages!!!

i am aware of only one (and there may be a couple more) country where kids are required to learn three languages today

most people in english speaking countries today don't even learn one (their mother tongue) very well

help me understand how we can call these folks any part of "ignorant" in the less developed sense of the word

i mean some highly trained (in a given specialty or ten) and very intelligent people today are ignorant in many other areas of learning...there are even people groups that are better at some things and "relatively ignorant" in others today...even those that are very well read

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