Re: atomic evolution and the original cosmic soup

Posted by y on Apr 04, 2002 at 06:31

Re: atomic evolution and the original cosmic soup (Andy™)

i think you have grasped the basics of my argument, however, lets not get too bogged down with the term 'evolution', this word was just a vehicle i used to get my argument accross.

i do understand the basics of your reply.

but, would it change anything if i said that by change over time i mean an infinitely lengthy period of time.

we can of often find it easy to beleive (maybe not fully comprehend) that our universe may be infinite in size.

yet when it comes to other measuable parameters, we find it difficult to believe that they too could be infinite, either infinitly large OR infinitly small.

our universe, according to many, is expanding, i ask, is the universe a vessel for energy, or, is it that energy is a vessel for the universe (a sort of glue keeping our universe in check), or does it perform some other role.

if the universe is a vessel, and the universe is infinite, and energy is finite (within that infinity) could this not mean that energy is expanding along with the universe and (for want of a better word) 'thinning' out. thereby not changing from one form to another, but expanding and at the same time weakening as time progresses.

in other words does energy have a natural tendency to expand to fill its vessel (as a gas would)

and along with this, maybe the energy that holds an atom together, is weakening (at a currently immeasurable rate) sensing (assuming action at a distance) that the universe is expanding and desiring to fill that vessel with its energy.

its just an idea, it may be a stupid idea (in whole or in part) but it is something i just needed to voice.

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