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Posted by Sparrow on Apr 03, 2002 at 22:12

Re: more baconian "quotes" (DA Morgan)

The laws regarding clean and unclean foods, ritual cleanliness and ritual washing were tough enough to communicate to a sheppardic tribe 3,000,000 strong.

If you were God, how would you propose to convince a relatively ignorant clot of primitives of a phenomenon like "bacteria" without microscopes? (Can you hear it?: "Yeah, sure, little buggie-wuggies that I can't see, taste, hear, or smell that are going to kill a big brute-gang guy like me? Get Real!)

Remember the time I told of physician Ignacz Semmelweis and his eventual spiral into insanity over the issue of childbed fever? Even after he had empirically proved (though indirectly) the existence of bacteria, as soon as he left for another hospital, his old hospital gave up handwashing. How does one prevent pride and arrogance from circumventing any temporary "proof" that one might successfully offer?

If it's any comfort, when I went on a eye mission to the Dominican Republic years ago, one of the Brethren missionaries who hosted us told us that the first thing that they do when they enter a new mission area is to bring food, then teach them sanitation -- not the Scriptures...(they live those out for a long time first, then later bring out the Bibles....) So, the dangers of bacteria are an important part of God Squads.

Tell me, what terms--what concepts--could a mollusk just returned from our world use to describe us humans--non-shelled, pink, air-breathing, warm-blooded animals (!!??!)--to the other mollusks? They'd never believe him. Words and concepts would fail him in trying to convey what he'd experienced. He'd have to use analogies, metaphors...parables....

Sound familiar?

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