Re: atomic evolution and the original cosmic soup

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Andy™ on Apr 03, 2002 at 12:21

Re: atomic evolution and the original cosmic soup (y)

Chemical reactions aren't evolution or adaptation to an environment.
Elements, etc. are mostly very predictable in repeated experimentation. If the environment remains constant in an experiment and the samples are pure, the same thing will likely happen every time.
Animals adapting to an environment and evolving to fit it (sometimes) aren't predictable, like elemental change.
One might mistake change for evolution, but they're not the same when comparing organisms to elements and energy. Subatomic particles becoming atoms which join to form molecules isn't evolution any more than a caterpillar changing into a butterfly or a baby developing in the womb is. It's simply a natural process.
I DO believe new elements can be made via a fluke, or much hard work, but it's not by definition, evolution.

Energy has classes. Depending on wavelength, frequency, etc., energy could manifest in any form. It can change from one form to another by manipulating one of it's variables, but it doesn't again, by definition, evolve.

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