atomic evolution and the original cosmic soup

Posted by y on Apr 02, 2002 at 20:23

just as animals evolve to suit their environment, and so to do elements
eg. water turns to ice in low temperatures and
some elements undergo irreversible reactions.
does this mean that atoms may also have evolved, from the original atoms of the cosmic soup, so that the nature and ingredients that made up the universe bear little relation to those that make up the universe now.

if this is the case, many millions of elements may have died out (become extinct) never to be seen again. and still others may be evolving (albeit inconceivably slowly) as we speak.

if this is the case, the rules of science (as we perceive them today) may not apply in the very distant future.

in addition, if the elements can evolve, then maybe energy itself can evolve, IE gravity, light, sound etc.


yes i am being serious, this is a question that i have often asked myself, i may appear (or even be) scientifically naive, but i hope that the people in this forum can help me ponder this question.

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