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Posted by y on Apr 02, 2002 at 16:20

Re: mandibular evolution (Mike Kremer)

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You seem to me to be accusing me of smugness, this was unintentional, however if i were smug about my existance (against infinite odds) so should you be as you have been given the gift of life too.

i will now attempt to clarify my way of thinking,

what i am saying is that our ( yours and mine) existance has resulted despite enormous odds against it. you say that i could have been conceived by another set of parents, at the moment my view is that i (the being or entity that is typing this reply now) could not have been the result of any other union, i could only exist if the events that have happened (from the begining of time and before) had happened in the precise way in which they did happen.

my arument is that, we may say that the odds against my (and your) existance were infinite.

this gives us INFINITY multilplied by ONE

AND odds against the conditions of the universe being just right to support life were infinite.this gives us the sum:


SO: in all practicality what is the difference between:

infinity multiplied by one

and infinity multiplied by infinity.

i hope this goes some way to clarifying my argument.

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