Re: sign a global warming petition

Posted by anyman on Apr 02, 2002 at 13:56

Re: sign a global warming petition (herve)

if you've got a let's feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shoe the shoeless, inoculate the healthy, help the sick, give the poor a break, and free the oppressed petition...i'd love to sign...and put in time, talent, and treasure too

but man probably doesn't contribute any significant amount to the global warming phenomenon (or to the parts where it looks more like it's cooling)...the phenomenon is very likely natural and cyclical

there has been far more significant flux in the past...we survived...both humanity and enough of the environment for humanity to carry on

quite frankly, i've got this inside info that says we're not gonna destroy the earth and that humanity will somehow survive until it's time to roll this baby and all the rest of it up like a scroll

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