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Posted by anyman on Apr 02, 2002 at 10:08

Re: Quote of the day (DA Morgan)

timeless truth...we all resemble that remark from time to time...and some of us more often than not...and thank you very much for reminding us...humility is sometimes a bitter pill...and sometimes bittersweet

he was also the father of "scientific method"

he also penned the essay on truth or of truth (can't remember exactly)...but i do remember what he said

in the first and last lines of that essay, you will find references to jesus christ...

it was about those who like to talk about what truth is but don't really want to know

one of the lines went something like this

...and pilate asked "what is truth"...and walked away

bacon believed, without reservation, that jesus the christ was, is, and always will be THE truth

and from elsewhere...

i am THE way, THE truth, and THE life, and NO ONE goes to the father...except through me ----jesus (john 14.6)

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