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Posted by Mike Kremer on Apr 02, 2002 at 04:04

Re: mandibular evolution (y)

y says:-
"..therefore, no matter how infinite an event is, once it has happened, it is no longer a probability (no matter how infinite) it is a certainty".

You are right, but for the wrong reasoning.
Its easy to take the final product(yourself) and work the maths backwards. In your example you smugly state that you are a product of a billion-to-one chance.
You could have had another parent, and thought up the same result, as no doubt your 'dopplegangers' all with different parents are thinking as we are now.
Life once given,-is inevitable. You either are... or you are not.
Its the genetic differences that you carry that will ultimately decide, just how and in what way you live, think, and die.
Just like the delicate butterflys, some of whom have large spots on their wings which look like eyes to a predator, who take fright and leave 'em alone. Those butterflys get a better 'chance' to live.
By multiplying all the 'chances' of the previous strains of butterflys or humans, the maths drops down to 0ne-to-one..or inevitability.
Life once given is inevitable, only we can destroy it.

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