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Posted by y on Apr 01, 2002 at 20:56

Re: mandibular evolution (anyman)

you mention 'random chance luck'.

a case can be argued for 'random chance luck' in any argument, my logic follows.

any event no matter how improbable, becomes certain when it occurs.

take as an example your or my existance,
what is the probability that we as individuals are born.

some of the 'random chance luck' events which determine our births are:

1) that our mothers and fathers were firtile (there are many who are not).

2) that our mothers and fathers survived to a fertile (child bearing age)

3) that our parents met (what were the 'chances', that out of 6 billion people, they met.

that our mothers happened to be ovulating at the right time (with precisly 'our' egg.

that our particular sperm was not ejaculated by masterbation (no coarseness intended)

that our particular sperm just happened to reach the egg first

4) that our mothers were able (and willing to carry us during pregnancy)

5) that we were born alive

that we were born in a world where 'by chance' computers were created
6) that we were able to use a computer

7) that we happened to enter the same web site

8) that i chose to argue thia proposition

of course there are many chance occurances in between the above events, infact the amount of occurences are infinite, and the amount of possible outcomes for each occurance are infinite.

therefore, no matter how infinite an event is, once it has happened, it is no longer a probability (no matter how infinite) it is a certanty.

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