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Andy™ on Apr 01, 2002 at 20:36

Re: why we can never KNOW the answer to any question: (y)

There are certain things we all know beyond a shadow of a doubt.
In your, and every other living human in the universe we all occupy when not waxing philosophic, know that we have to breathe a certain balance of oxygen, nitrogen, etc. to live. We all know that we have to consume fuel to function, we know we have to sleep to function as well.

We all know these things, because no matter how much spin you try to put on it, if you go long enough without breathing, eating or sleeping, you will die. Your personal perspective doesn't matter, reality remains the same.

With science, experimentation determines the answer to a question, not human muttering and pondering. If experimentation isn't being practiced in answering a question, it's not considered a definite answer. The same is true for a tested question, because new information can influence the answer. Human opinion affects our outlook on things, but if a test is taken and the human factor is kept to a minimum and repeatedly shows the same results, then we can say we've found the answer.

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