Don't hold your breath...

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Apr 01, 2002 at 17:05

Re: SUDDEN rise in sea level... (anyman)

"sure wish guys like ol' hop, edpal, perambulator, the guy who did naval history research (craig[?]), and some of those other guys from years ago would come back too"

Why would they? This place has become so hostile to dissenters that they are gone and glad, at least the ones I regularly correspond with.

Now, if this place had little more milk of human kindness, and a little less ad hominem savagery and knee-jerk reactionism, you might find them returning. Somehow I kind of doubt it. I don't recall seeing Jurassosaurus lately, or the Dire Puppy. LOts of good people are gone for good, mostly because they got tired of the petty BS and the endless harangues over Creationism. I'm only sticking around to observe the evolution going on. And to occasionally sue for kinder behavior when the mood strikes.

But keep right on going with your "we all gonna knows" and your pre-loaded slams and your trashy behavior. Pretty soon you'll be talking to yourselves and wondering why it's so quiet. Can't help you; my research will be over. I'll take what I need and be gone. And most of you will never even have come close to understading Science and the Scientific method But you will have perfected the art of being bullies. And that will be your reward.

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