Re: Reply, part two

Posted by bio_ladi on Jan 07, 2002 at 22:54

Re: Reply, part two (bobbapink)

At least I got a chuckle from your Monsanto comment.
Funny didn't know I needed to cite references, as it seems you do not feel that need either. Was pretty funny to be graded, happen to be one of my instructors?
Yes, I can and will cite mine. Most of them are from research and will take just a bit to find sorry you will have to wait.
I find it amazing that people like yourself can exist in today's world as oblivious as you appear to be.
It is most apparent that you do not like those that you would consider ecologist, environmentalist or politicians. Shame, it most likely will be all those tree huggers that save this world so that your offspring just might have a better and healthier life and future.

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