Re: SUDDEN rise in sea level...

Posted by anyman on Apr 01, 2002 at 05:32

Re: SUDDEN rise in sea level... (Ham...Yes...Ham...I'm back!)

he he he...welcome back

i just hope you're not going to give us a specific date (like the hour or the day, or even the year or the decade for his return :-)

that i fear would be a mistake...but i can always be wrong

as for the rest of that stuff...bring it and let's shine some light on it

we missed ya...welcome back

sure wish guys like ol' hop, edpal, perambulator, the guy who did naval history research (craig[?]), and some of those other guys from years ago would come back too

we all disagreed on some stuff, and agreed on some stuff...but it was sure lively

wasn't it mike kremer :-)

btw -- i think we are coming up on our fourth birthday for this board this spring...special congrats to kremer and mara...they have been here longer than any of us (unless some out there have morphed and i mean completely changed)

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