Re: SUDDEN rise in sea level...

Posted by Ham...Yes...Ham...I'm back! on Apr 01, 2002 at 01:54

Re: SUDDEN rise in sea level... (anyman)

Just don't lose sight of the fact Anyman, that you are still talking to so-called "scientists" who cannot digest logic......they think they know (leaning to their own knowledge, and have become fools), but they don't know very much about anything anymore. God bless you man. I just returned from a fact-finding mission that will blow your mind! Don't believe any of that evolutionary foolishness man...none of it happened like that!

Come on all dissenters; but remember who you're attacking! I'm a spiritual warrior armed with scientific truth, so if you're not ready for indepth CONSTRUCTIVE arguements, don't say nuthin' to me!

The truth is, God created everything, we change His creations, and Jesus Christ is coming back soon, so you'd better humble yourselves to Him right now, and stop kicking against the pricks!

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