SUDDEN rise in sea level...

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anyman on Apr 01, 2002 at 01:41

here are a few of my favorite excerpts from the latest Antarctic article on the frontpage...

In less than 500 years at the end of the last Ice Age, this event caused the Earth's sea level to rise about 70 feet. That's about four times faster than sea levels were rising most of the time during this period, and at least 20 times faster than the sea level is currently rising. also makes clear that significant climatic events can occur very rapidly and unpredictably.

And during this comparatively short period thousands of years ago, it is now known that these two huge ice sheets were anything but stable. One or the other, or some combination of the two, melted at a surprisingly rapid rate and caused a 70-foot surge in sea levels in just a few hundred years. it's not possible to use the events that happened then as any certain predictor of what might happen to Earth today, Clark said.

(31 March 2002 -- Antarctica Key To Sudden Sea Level Rise)…from the front page) about that ol’ uniformitarianism, eh :-)

a 70' rise in the sea level worldwide would be approaching something like a massive (maybe even worldwide) flood...assuming lower mountains of course

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