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Posted by asdf on Apr 01, 2002 at 00:57

Re: thanks for the bone... (DA Morgan)

o, the semantic games we play

okay...i revise my statement...

i probably should have said something like "no documeted proof" or "not one documented example" or "the hard evidence for you claim is non-existant" or "the silence is deafening"

when you paint yourself into a corner that you can't get out of...i guess misdirection is always an option, eh...and sometimes the only option other than acquiescence :-)

still...i probably could come up with "just one"

i'll work on it

the fact remains that there is no demonstrated example of a virus ever changing into an elephant...much less anything else...other than another virus

you still wrong...regardless of how you play with the words

you still wrong...again

and you still haven't demonstrated diddly

and you still haven't demonstrated anything that approaches darwinian phyletic evolution (which is what a virus ----> elephant would by commonly used definition would be

but just for kicks...i'll still try to come up with "just one"...just for you

but let's be clear...the onus is on you to demonstrate the so-called fact of transphyletic evolution

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